Friday, February 13, 2009

Random Outtakes

I picked up Two's sweatshirt this morning and dirt poured out of the pockets. Who would want dirt in their pockets? And how much dirt did he get in my car before he got himself home?

One wore a Mardi Gras mask for some of yesterday and it made the tip of his nose red. The girl he likes most in the world, A, then got out a red pencil and colored the tip of her nose red. Love in 3rd grade is so simple.

Two can't watch anything on TV without racing into the playroom and making something out of paper, sticks and tape that goes with the show. My house is covered with tape, paper and sticks.

One doesn't want an iPod. He wants a tape deck. Why? Books on tape, of course.

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Elizabeth Channel said...

I love the tape deck desire! E absolutely loves to listen to books on CD or tape; he has a player in his room. He'll listen to a book and read a different book at the same time. It would drive me batty but I guess it's good parallel processing? Right now, he is loving Shiloh...