Thursday, February 19, 2009

All About Me

Elizabeth has a "Three Things About Me" post up, and since I love to talk about ME, I tagged myself. Here we go:

Three Names I Have Been Called:
1. Tare Bear (most recently by a Sales Manager at work. He almost died of embarrasment.)
2. Killer
3. Mom

Three Jobs I Have Had In My Life:
1. Prep cook at a deli
2. Assistant buyer at a large department store
3. Attorney

Three Places I Have Lived:
1. Lake Placid, NY
2. Austin, TX
3. Houston, TX

Three Hobbies:
1. Reading
2. Sleeping
3. Talking incessantly

Three things most people do not know about me:
1. I was adopted (Do most people know this? I don't know) and my birth mother named me Nancy.
2. My feet grew a 1/2 size with each pregnancy and never shrunk back. Do you know how many shoes I have taken to Goodwill?
3. I am addicted to my NeilMed sinus thingy. I tried to make the boys use one but they ran away. I will catch them someday.

Three TV Shows That I Watch:
1. No Reservations
2. Dirty Jobs (like I have a choice?)
3. Doctor Who

Three places I Have Been (that I like, alot):
1. Guatemala (the whole thing - it's small)
2. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
3. Sooke Harbor, BC

Three places I want to go:
1. New Zealand
2. Chile
3. Ireland

Any threes about you, too?

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heresthediehl said...

"talking incessantly" would make my list, too! which goes over well in a house with four males + me.