Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Glorious screedy-ness from Lileks:

"Among the many things we get from England, cautionary examples may be their most useful export:

'COUPLES who have more than two children are being “irresponsible” by creating an unbearable burden on the environment, the government’s green adviser has warned.'

Of course he has. What’s the line from Scrooge - better they should die, and decrease the surplus population? I’m surprised that’s not an applause line these days. If Scrooge had forbid Crachet from putting on more coal because it would contribute to global warming, he’d be the hero, and Crachet would have got the three spirits."

Just what Europe needs - more encouragement to lower their birth rates. Let them. At this point, if they've devolved into the kind of people who think Gaia is more important than humans, we'd all be better off without them. And we can send those Disney people over to run the sights and such, and still have our summer European vacations. Everyone gets what they want in the end - the Euros get their desired extinction, and we get a cleaner Venice, with ADA-approved ramps and handrails. Works for me.

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