Friday, February 27, 2009

Tea Party Mini Wrap-up

Here are some pictures from all over of the more than 40 Tea Party activities held today:


St. Louis, where they had 1,500 people - wow!

Michelle Malkin has a photo gallery, Instapundit has a lot of photos and stories as well, and of course there's lots of coverage at TCOT.

Keep it up, people!


Elizabeth Channel said...

Yes, I saw that Malkin stuff. Good blog there...

Lynn said...

We definitely need to keep the tea party pressure up. I pray this movement grows and grows.

I no longer wish to be a victim of the destruction of our government. I haven't seen or read of a major tea party planned for DC. Is there one planned?

Tari said...

I think we'll get there. There have been 60+ of these local protests, and the CPAC conference this weekend in DC was talking about them. I think the people there, who include people like Michelle Malkin and Glenn Reynolds, are thinking and writing about what comes next. There's also the natiional tea party group and TCOT who aren't going to give up on this.

Lynn said...

Thanks, Tari. I'm making a list -- just remember Glenn Beck is getting something started too.

Let's just say, "I've HAD IT!" I've decided to quit whining, moaning, and complaining and to get moving. :D