Friday, February 27, 2009

Houston Tea Party: Pictures

UPDATE at 11pm: Heard from the organizers - they had 350 people sign in at today's event, and estimate the total number at 500! Aren't we all glad I don't do math for a living ...


The boys and I spent some time at the Houston Tea Party at lunch today. I've never tried to estimate such things, but I would guess there were a solid 200 people there. Here are some pictures:

Some good signs:

One of the organizers on stage:

The Pledge and National Anthem:

And some media coverage - from KPRC, Channel 2:

I hope everyone else's event went this well.


paul a'barge said...

Good grief.

There is nothing about this at

Absolutely nothing!

Sigh. I guess I should be outraged. In fact, I'm not. I would so party like 9/10 if the went the same route as the RockyMountainNews.

Tari said...

The Chron has been birdcage liner for so long, I agree! KPRC was there - they might have something on it at 9pm. I don't watch the death blotter; I'll have to ask my mother in law.

There were over 1,000 people in St. Louis, 100's at all the other locations, and we had 200-300 in Houston. This can be only the beginning if enough people keep it up. Protests in Ukraine and Lebanon (the ones several years ago) didn't start out with 100,000 people at one rally; it took time.

I haven't heard a peep about Austin or SA; I can't imagine the Statesman would let anything get out about it, even if they had 1/2 the city show up.

Calibersxt3 said...

TY...We also attended. Drove up from South Texas..Victoria & CC.

I believe the actual count was 350+

An awesome day! Hope you enjoyed as much as we did....

Fishie said...

Oh, yes, 350 was just the number of contact cards we collected at Houston Tea Party. We estimate closer to 500! My inbox is flooded, too, with notes from people who couldn't make it but want in on the next one, over 100 so far.

We are not done!!!

Tari said...

Amen we're not done!

Y'all did a great job organizing this!

paul a'barge said...

Wow, thanks.

If anyone wondered if the MSM would run interference for Barak Obama, filtering the news so opposing points of view never see the light of day, the series of Tea Parties across the USA and the lack of news coverage proves it.

America is in trouble. Big trouble.

I think the next Tea Party protests should be held in front of the executive offices of the newspaper.

Tari said...

not a bad idea