Friday, September 12, 2008

As Ready As We Can Be

We've had nothing much to do today except get ready and think about what's coming. The former was a much more pleasant activity than the latter. We went out for extra groceries and saw friends at the store, then stopped by our favorite sandwich shop to find the owners there, taking care of as many people as they could. It was good to see familiar, friendly faces as we wait to see what Ike is going to hand out.

Here's where we are so far:
5:30pm Friday. It's cloudy with little wind gusts, but nothing else has happened weather-wise all day.

Here's the hall closet where the boys will be hiding out. They don't know this yet. It should go over really well.

As you can see, boxers have a special sense that warns them of impending danger.

This is our room, full of everything from our study, below.

This is the room I'm worried about - you can see why. It used to be a balcony. We need to move the computer and all that yet; we're waiting as long as possible because once it's unhooked we have no internet and no phone, since we have VoIP.

The breakfast room-turned-dogs' room-turned supply room. Husband bought a chain saw yesterday. I am sprouting gray hairs just thinking about him using it this weekend.

You can't have a hurricane without Speghettios and canned veg.

Stay safe, Houstonians. See y'all on the other side of Ike.

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