Monday, September 29, 2008

The Care and Feeding of Boys

This made me fall out of my chair:

"This morning at breakfast, one of the boys started to pour himself cereal. Instead of going into the bowl, most of the cereal wound up all over the kitchen floor. Without me saying a word, the boy walked over to the sink and pulled out the hand broom and dustpan. I stood in disbelief as he began to clean up his mess all on his own. I inhaled deeply, excited and amazed at the self-motivation of this boy. I was practically giddy at the sight of his desire for cleanliness in our home. Just as I was about to praise my son for his good work, he stood up and proceeded to dump the entire contents of the dustpan into his cereal bowl. "When you become president," he then said to his brother, "will you change the five-second rule to the five-minute rule?""

From Rachel Balducci. If my boys knew where we keep the broom, I'm sure they would do this too.

How is it they make it to adulthood, again? Over 8 years and it's still all a mystery to me.

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