Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bristol Palin

Here's an interesting take on the effect Bristol Palin's pregnancy may have on the presidential race:

"... the left is fully unprepared to win this debate. ... The Left does not understand the fundamental nature of the socially conservative mind. That, and what is likely to be their over-exuberance in attacking what they perceive as hypocrisy, will be their downfall.

Bristol Palin has single-handedly dealt the Republican Party its winning hand. With an economy in decline and an unpopular war started by Republicans, Bristol Palin’s unborn baby has now made the Culture War the focal point of this election. This is one ground and, in fact, the only ground on which Republicans can win this election."

The author goes on to explain that socially conservative people see no hypocrisy in what is happening to the Palin family; Bristol's parents raised her well, they prayed over her, but ultimately, she made a mistake - as all of us have done. There's no hypocrisy in wanting the best for your children, wanting everything to be perfect, and yet running up against the brick wall that is this world: we all sin, we all fall down.

Whether these facts have any effect on the election or not only time will tell. What the situation does do is firmly contrast each Party's opinions on the sanctity of life. Obama wants to keep abortion legal in order to help his daughter avoid being "punished" by an early baby. Sarah Palin has raised a daughter who makes mistakes but doesn't view them as the end of the world; she is keeping her child and will marry soon. Which ending to the story do the voters prefer?

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