Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Starting Over, All Over Again

I've been posting a lot lately not just on political issues but also on the candidates themselves. I may at some point do more of this, but for now I want to pull back and deal solely with some issues that I see as important in the next 50+ days. The main reason I want to do this? This past Sunday Chris, our pastor, spent his sermon discussing the elections, and in particular our conduct as Christians in these next weeks. His main points:

1. There is no right or wrong person to vote for in this election.

2. You need to make your own decision: I'm not going to stand up here and tell you who to vote for.

3. If you rely on the political process to meet your expectations you'll always come up short. Hope and change don't come from politics. They come from the Holy Spirit changing hearts and lives. Remember, Christ didn't show up to start a political movement.

4. Despite #3, we have a Biblical obligation (from Paul in Romans) as citizens in a democracy to stay involved in issues that reflect Christian values (for example, the value of all human life).

5. We have an obligation to be humble and patient, to listen and not attack. We should stand out in the crowd of vitrolic mudslingers who populate politics today.

In light of Chris's sermon, I resolved to make a switch from candidates to issues and to try to do so with humility, civility and patience. My post last night was a stellar example of how frequently I fall flat on my face soon after making a commitment to do something I believe God is leading me to do. Happens all the time - to all of us, yes?

So now I'm picking myself back up and starting over again. Issues first. More to come soon.


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SarahHub said...

This is all so true, and so hard to follow. I commend you!