Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More Ike Photos

I am at work for the last day this week; the boys' school is closed the rest of the week so I will be camped at home with them. Hopefully we will have power by Monday - and hopefully the school will too!

Here are more nighttime pictures:

Husband put out the tiki torches by the front porch to keep the bugs away.

While we sit on the porch with our torches, the boys read in the living room.

And a picture of my backwoods-style screens (read: mosquito netting). The gate keeps Lambchop from running away to Dallas.

The weather is so nice it's great to have doors and windows open; that's not something we normally do in Houston! Husband's wild popularity continues (thanks - this time - to the chainsaw) : a friend came over bearing ice in exchange for use of the precious machine.

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