Monday, September 8, 2008

Jeremy Quinn

When I was in 10th grade I became a day student at a small, local boarding school, switching from public school to private. My first few days were terrifying. That's pretty funny in retrospect because it was a very laid back place. But at the time I thought what most 15 year olds think: I'll never make a friend, everyone already knows each other - so on and so forth. One of the first people to reach out and help me feel welcome was Jeremy Quinn. A fellow day student from another small town near Lake Placid, he was the greatest. Friendly, sarcastic, funny - we spent hours talking at school and ran up astronomical phone bills when at home. My mom occasionally ran into his dad - usually on the steps of the post office - and they would perennially complain how the only way they were going to pay for all of this was to buy stock in the phone company, because certainly Jeremy and I must be driving profits up. I still remember lying on the washer and dryer in the kitchen of our old house, ear permanently attached to the large black wall phone. We talked about everything on the Earth, and he would frequently interrupt me to talk to his favored Siamese cats. I want to say Aristotle and Socrates, but I'm getting old - I'm not sure if I remember correctly.

Unfortunately, we lost touch as we grew up; I moved to Texas and Jeremy stayed put, near his mom and 7 siblings. Last week he disappeared. From what they've found so far, he's gone into thin air. I can't imagine what his family feels right now, what his small community is going through. Because I wasn't the only one Jeremy was there for - not by a long shot. He was around for everyone - someone you could count on, someone who would always help you out.

All I can do from 2,000 miles away is pray. A long long time ago Jeremy helped rescue me from fear and loneliness. I pray to God someone will help rescue him now from something a lot worse.

God be with you, my dear, dear friend.


SarahHub said...

Oh, Tari, I'm sorry. Prayers work, though! Keep us posted, huh?

Kelsey S said...

Oh my goodness I will pray.

glostagirl said...

Hi Tari,
I just want to thank you for making me smile. A friend of mine told me about this blog and I had to laugh while reading it. Yes, it was Aristotle and Socrates followed by Rebel. One thing about Jeremy was that he had such a soft spot for his cats - high school guys are supposed to be so tough and yet...! And god how he loved to talk on the phone!!
I had dated Jeremy off and on for years through high school and beyond and he was indeed a kind person with a great sense of humor. He will be missed by all who knew him.

Tari said...


I'm glad! I think I even remember Rebel as a kitten. He loved to be such a tough guy and then he'd talk to those cats like they ran the world.

Until I met my husband I never met ANY guy who could talk on the phone like Jeremy could!

Take care.

Gregory said...

I just heard the news about Jeremy (I used to call him Jermaine); my Dad sent me an e-mail and in it he included the news that Jermaine's body was found...his service is today. I found your post when I did a google search on him to find out more. I'm in AZ these days and last saw Jeremy in '04 when I went back for Christmas with my family; he stopped over at my parents house with his youngest sweet pea to pay a visit.

He was a good egg, I'll miss that smirk the next time I travel back.

Tari said...


I remember that smirk. Thanks for posting your comment.


M said...

Tari et al...
I am married to Jeremy's oldest niece, Thomas' daughter. I have known Jeremy for 4 year before the tragedy a year ago. He loved my wife, and wanted to help in the planning of our wedding this past July. He is still in The Valley where, as you described it, his heart always was (in the cemetery at the bottom of Spruce Hill). I will remember, always, the day I first met (and was subsequently hazed) by the Quinn boys, when my then girlfriend brought me around for the first big holiday. Every since that day, I knew that that family was nothing but golden hearts, and happy smiles.
I know I speak with all the Quinn's when I say I miss Jeremy especially during the anniversary, this Sept 2nd.


Tari said...


Thanks for writing.