Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Big Decision

I hate Halloween. I know, that makes me a bad person. But it is a PAIN. Listening to my mother in law nag me six times a day for two weeks because I haven't decorated the outside of my house, trying to come up with a costume idea for the boys that doesn't involve $75 plastic costumes - all of it gives me a headache. I am also a control freak about the boys' costumes, so that doesn't help any. I don't like gore, movie or cartoon characters, or pretty much any standard Halloween costume. And I'm the least creative person on Earth, so the option of whipping up something spiffy by myself just isn't there for me.

The good news this year is: the boys and I have come to agreement on costumes and I've ordered all the various and sundry items. They were really excited thinking about what they could get to make their costumes more realistic, so the list of little things was very long before they were finished.

What are they going to be, you ask? Oh no, that's a big secret. You'll have to wait until October 31st, just like all the neighbors. It's good though ... in a super-dorky way. What else could it be? It was my idea, after all.


SarahHub said...

I really love Halloween. We get hundreds of trick-or-treaters, literally. Everyone in the neighborhood brings fire pits to the end of the driveways and we sit together and talk while we give out candy. I love to see the kids dressed up!

I know how creative you are, so I can't wait to see what you thought up for their costumes!

PS - Have you seen a Pottery Barn Kids catalog lately? $119 costumes...

Marcus and Meg Asby said...

Ooooh, I'm curious now.

No one comes to our apartment for Trick-or-Treating. :(

Elizabeth Channel said...

Clinging by threads in anticipation of finding out.

Celts over here. This week.

Although that could change.