Saturday, October 25, 2008

Public Schooling v. Home Schooling in PA

From the Volokh Conspiracy:

"Staub v. Staub, decided Tuesday by a Pennsylvania appellate court, holds that in child custody cases where the parents disagree about whether to send their children to public school or to home school them, there is to be no rule or presumption in favor of public schooling. "To the contrary, we hold that the well-established best interests standard, applied on a case by case basis, governs a court’s decision regarding public schooling versus home schooling," without any presumption that one or the other is more in the child's best interests." [emphasis mine]

Given what could be the coming administration, it's comforting to see state decisions in support of home schooling. Why? Well, I wouldn't be surprised if home schoolers had a fight on their hands from the Federal government under a Democrat super-majority government. Just sayin'.

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Elizabeth Channel said...

You know that's the truth. I may have to go back and get a elementary ed. teaching certificate even though I have taught on the college level...