Wednesday, October 15, 2008

WFMW: Pesky Zits

Would you ever have believed, when you were a naïve 13 year old aghast at the sight of her first zit, that you’d be battling the ugly things well into your 30s and 40s? Acne and wrinkles existing on the same face at the same time is high on my “they didn’t tell me about this” list – a list that includes a variety of things, most of which have to do with the seamier side of childbirth recovery and breastfeeding.

Seriously, what in Heaven’s name is a fat, ugly pimple doing on my face, when I’m trying to sum up the courage to face 40? How rude. How tacky. How…how completely unacceptable.

Here’s my solution: Origins Out of Trouble mask. No need to tie your hair back and slather it all over your face. Just put a nice size dollop on the evil zit, go to bed, and you won’t be disappointed. It might take a second night if the zit is particularly stubborn, but this stuff makes zits disappear like magic. And it has never irritated my skin, unlike all those teenage acne medicines (and stupid ideas like toothpaste on your face – ouch!). Give it a try; it works for me.


Wanda said...

Oh yea.....a must try!
Thanks...and 40 ain't so bad!

I just turned 42 on Sunday.


Grammy said...

I feel the same way When am I going to out grow them.

Rebeckah said...

Great, I was just looking for something the other day to do this. I didn't want to buy proactive for $59 so this might be perfect. Now, if I can just get to the mall...

Anonymous said...

Oh man! If I had a dollah for every time I've had the zits-and-wrinkles-are-not-a-good-combo conversation with a friend, I'd be rich enough for all the mommy bloggers in the world. So totally unfair!

Psstt...Elizabeth of Three Channels sent me over! Hiya!

Kia (Good Enough Mama)