Monday, October 13, 2008

We *Heart* Midwives

An international study has found a correlation between decreased rates of miscarriage in the first 24 weeks of pregnancy and prenatal care from midwives instead of OB/GYNs. The study involved 11 trials and more than 12,200 women in four countries.

"The analysis, which is the largest undertaken in the world, also found that women in midwife-led models of care were less likely to be admitted to hospital during pregnancy, have instrumental deliveries, episiotomies or require analgesia and were more likely to have spontaneous vaginal births, feel in control during labour and better able to initiate breastfeeding."

As the (slightly cheesy) sign at my midwives' office says: "Women of Earth--take back your birth." If you do that by using a midwife for your pregnancy and delivery, you won't be disappointed.

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Elizabeth Channel said...

You certainly won't be disappointed! Love my midwife!