Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kindergarten Kissing

Two came home from school on Monday having discovered that favorite Kindergarten game, Chase and Kiss. He explained the rules to me: the girls chase the boys. If a girl catches a boy, she kisses him for real. Then he has to be on her team. Hmmm. I asked him who kissed him and he proudly announced he was too fast for the girls; no one had caught and kissed him.

He explained all of this in the car on the way home, so I declined to comment within earshot of One, who was rolling his eyes and tut-tutting loudly. He brought it up again Tuesday afternoon when we were alone, so we had a little talk about 5 year old girls and boys not being old enough for kissing for real, even in a game. He heartily agreed he didn't want girls kissing him any time soon, and that seems to be that.

But I have to ask: what is the deal with Kindergarten girls and kissing? One had the same experience in Kindergarten - different school, different kids, but same game. When One's class caught the kissing bug, all of the moms on the playground waded into the game one day and put a stop to it. Most of us were boy-moms, strangely enough.

Anyone have any idea where all these girls catch the kissing bug?

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