Sunday, October 12, 2008

Prince Michael Andreevich Romanov: July 15, 1920-September 22, 2008

I'm starting a new "meme" here today: each Sunday I'm going to give you one of the fabulous obituaries from the British press. If you've never read a British obit, you are truly missing out. The British papers seek out the most interesting people and write their obituaries in such a way that they become so much more than just a death notice. Many of these pieces are lyrical, humorous, inspiring - these are people you dearly wish you'd known.

So, for the first:

"Prince Michael developed a life-long passion for the sunshine and Sydney’s beaches. He found employment easily and in a number of fields. He was a Qantas mechanic for sea planes in Rose Bay, Sydney. He worked with wood, metal, jewellery and fabric and eventually established his own business as a painter-decorator. He kept his royal identity to himself. His Australian workmates called him “Mike”. "

A lost-lost Russian prince, hanging out on a beach in Sydney: what more of a story do you want on a Sunday afternoon?

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SarahHub said...

Sounds like an interesting guy to hang out with on a beach in Sydney...