Friday, October 31, 2008

The Posterchild for Fearmongering and Hate

James Dobson, one of my least favorite people, has written a "letter from the future", designed to scare the daylights out of his sheepy followers.

It's one thing to carefully and accurately take statements a candidate has made and go to the next step. But what Dobson has done is inexcusable. Here are some of his makebelieve nuggets from 2012:

  • The Supreme Court is 6-3 hyper-liberal and affirms a constitutional right to gay marriage, among other things
  • Four major terrorist attacks on US soil have occurred
  • Russia has re-taken all its former satellites
  • Iran drops a nuclear bomb on Tel Aviv
  • Canada-style completely socialized health care with no opt out
  • Gas is $7 a gallon
  • Adoption is non-existent because all Christian adoption agencies have closed
  • The Boy Scouts have disbanded
  • Homosexual behavior is taught to first graders in public schools
  • Home schoolers are persecuted to the point that many leave the country
  • There are no more conservative talk radio shows
  • Pastors cannot preach on radio or television
  • Churches are forced to perform gay marriages
  • Public schools aren't allowed to say the Pledge (and "under God" has been removed)
  • A grave shortage of doctors and nurses occurs because they can no longer refuse to participate in abortions
  • Gun ownership is illegal in several states

Can someone tell me how many times this man was dropped on his head as a child?

Get this, Mr. Dobson: people react much better to love than they do to fear. I know you belong to the wing of Christianity that believes that scaring Christians into "belief" is easier and better than helping them understand the great and powerful nature of Christ's love for us. Well, that tactic doesn't work in the long run when it comes to Christianity, and it shouldn't work in politics either. Vote because there's something good you want to see done. Vote because you have hope. Don't be an Eyeore. And never forget, as John Piper eloquently reminded us the other day (thanks again, Liz), that voting and politics and world systems are a blip in the eternity we will spend with Christ, and shouldn't be the focus of our lives and energy.

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