Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Would You Like Some Chlorine with That?

Well, if this doesn't make me want to stick to vegetables grown in my backyard and nothing else, nothing will:

Now I know lots of people jump on the use of chlorine - even in water - in instances where it does much more good than harm. But this just doesn't sound appetizing, or healthy for that matter:

"After birds are killed, defeathered, and eviscerated, the carcasses are chilled in massive bathtubs to prevent bacterial buildup. Chemical disinfectants—in about 80 percent of cases, that's chlorine—are added to the water to reduce cross-contamination and stem further bacterial growth. ... The USDA has a strict cap on the amount of chlorine that can be used in these chiller baths: no more than 50 parts per million, or 50 ounces for every 7,800 gallons of water. As a point of comparison, the federal limit on chlorine used in drinking water is 4 ppm, and swimming pools usually contain 1 to 3 ppm." [emphasis added]

Tofu, anyone?

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